When Christians in Media Met Up in Bradford

Christians in Media Regional Ambassador and PR Manager for CAP, Marianne Clough, reflects on a meet up organised last week in Bradford.

“So, how did your Leeds Bradford thing go for your Christian media chums?” a work colleague asked a few days after our event.

“Well… it was like…” I struggled to encapsulate. “It was like putting all the ingredients together to make a cake and somehow getting… a whole buffet.”

About 25 of us had gathered in the basement of Christians Against Poverty’s HQ in Bradford. We were a mixed bag of people, some just starting out and others on the more experienced side. Some had crossed paths several times before but there were new people to be met for everyone.

We chatted over drinks and then sat together to hear from our speaker for the night Paula Stringer, the former Head of Production at BBC Sport, who recently became CAP’s new Executive Director.

She was incredibly open about her varying experiences of being a Christian and working in the media and explained that fellowship with other believers had proved vital. She prayed for us and then those connections began in earnest.

Fish and chips arrived a few minutes later and we all sat down to eat together. It felt like family, not at all pretentious, and the beginning of something.

The most common request to follow? Prayer.

We’re really excited about hosting more regional meet ups for Christians in the media industry, to open up conversations and create a community where you are. If you are interested in helping bring all this together in your own area, let’s chat! Email us at